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Textured Protien Soyabean Chunks

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Textured Protien Soyabean Chunks, Soya Protein, Soya Nuggets, soya chunks, soya flour

Textured Protien Soyabean Chunks

Soya nuggets/soya chunks/textured Soya Protein is commonly referred to as vegetarian meat. It is prepared from defatted (DOC) Soya flour by the process of extrusion cooking. During the process, the protein in the flour undergoes structural changes and forms a fiber like network. When soaked in water, the textured nuggets absorb the water and develop meat like and chewy characteristics (hence the reference to "vegetarian meat"). They are a rich source of protein. Among the vegetable proteins they contribute a maximum level of 50% protein. As they are free from cholesterol they are also commonly used as meat substitutes. It can be used in meat food such as pork luncheon meat, banger, sausage etc, help to improve the taste, well water -retain, convince, in proving the product's organization; it can be used in quick-freeze food, such as mincemeat, dumpling, steamed stuffed bun etc, help to improve product nutritional structure, water-binding and absorbing fat, with low fat and high protein, fortifying products nourishing ingredient; it also can use in Margie food such as healthy food.
Recommended for : Infants (excellent child nutrition), Adults, Diabetics, Heart Patients etc.

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