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Sunflower Meal

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Sunflower Meal, sunflower oil, oilcake, sunflower seed extraction, sunflower seed export

Sunflower Meal

Sunflower meal is obtained by crushing its seeds for oil and oilcake which is further sent for extraction to obtain remaining oil and its meal. Sunflower seed is popular as bird seeds. But with the growth in consumption of sunflower oil, it is mainly crushed for obtaining edible oil so the production of meal too is good enough to create local and some international demand. Sunflower meal is widely used as protein material for animal feed. Meal contains about 30% crude protein with 30% fibre. It is superior to most vegetable proteins in digestibility.

Sunflower seed extractions are widely used as protein material for animal feed. Indian sunflower seed extractions contain about 30% crude protein with 30% fibre. Although sunflower protein is low in lysine, methionime & cystine levels are favourable to meet poultry feed requirements. It is superior to most vegetable proteins in digestibility. Recent development of various enzyme preparations, which can act upon fibre in sunflower meal, making it more digestible, can result in an economical substitute for various protein sources. Thus it can be used at higher levels in the poultry feed.


Sunflower Seed, Meal & Oil World Market

The estimated sunflower seed export for 2009-10 from Argentina was 55000 tonnes while for sunflower meal it stood at 600000 tons and for sunflower oil at 800000 tons. There is export tax of 32% on export of seed from Argentina while it is 30% for sunflower oil and meal.

Russian exports for 2009-10 for sunflower meal is estimated at 900000 tons while for oil it is 600000 tons and for seed 50000 tons. Kazakhstan is the major buyer for Russian sunflower seeds while Italy, Turkey, Spain, Latvia, Cyprus, Egypt and Morocco are major importers of its meal. Turkey, Kazakhstan, Egypt & India are the major buyers of sunflower oil of Russia. The export duty on sunflowerseeds is 20 percent of customs value, but not less than 30 Euros per metric ton while export meal & oil is duty free.

Sunflower seed exports of Ukraine are estimated at 400,000 tons in the 2009/2010 while oil export is estimated at 2.1 million tons and meal export at 1.75 million tonnes. India, Turkey, Egypt, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Algeria, Iran, Spain & Italy are major importers of Ukraine's sunflower oil. For sunflower seed, EU countries (France, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Germany), Pakistan, Turkey & Georgia are the major destination. Ukrainian sunflower meal is mainly exported to Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, France, Lithuania, Italy and United Kingdom. Export duty for sunflower seed have decreased to 12% as of January 1, 2010 and in next two years it shall get reduced to 10%.

Major destinaions for Indian sunflower seeds are Pakistan, U.K, China, Netherlands, Philippines & Poland. The export of Indian Sunflower meal is very limited as compared soybean meal and rapeseed meal with Thailand being the major buyer. India imports sunflower oil mainly from Ukraine, Russia and Argentina. Indian import for 2009-10 is estimated at 600000 tons.

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