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Rape Seed Meal

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Rapeseed Meal, Rapeseed, canola meal, soybean meal, animal feed

Rapeseed meal

· Rapeseed meal (Canola Meal) is used basically in animal feed due to its protein content of 36-38%.

·  Producers: China, India, Canada, European Union-27 and Japan are the other major producers of rapeseed - canola meal.

· Exporters: Canada is the world's largest exporter having market share of around 50% in world trade followed by India and China.

· Major Markets: United States is the biggest importer of Canadian canola meal. Mexico, Ireland, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Vietnam are the other buyers for Canadian meal. Bangladesh, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are the main buyers for Indian rapeseed meal.

·  Futures: Rapeseed or Canola meal is not traded on any exchange in world. Traders and Exporters looking to hedge their risks have to use canola and rapeseed futures.

·  European Union : E.U. is the biggest consumer of rapeseed meal in world. The EU-27 is already using considerable amounts of rapeseed meal in animal feed, however, there is still room for further expansion. The extent to which rapeseed meal can replace soybean meal and other protein sources in animal feed depends on the animal species and production stage. The potential share of rapeseed meal is highest in dairy cattle feed and lowest in feed for calves and laying hens. The popularity of rapeseed meal for animal feed varies among EU Member State. Its use is most pronounced in MS that have a long rapeseed crushing history and a high dairy production. For years the oilseeds industry in these MS has been engaged in educational campaigns that promote the benefits of rapeseed meal in animal production. In these countries the potential to further expand the rapeseed meal share in feed rations is somewhat limited. Countries that fall in this category include Germany, France, the Benelux, and the UK. In other MS, namely in the South-Eastern part of the EU, farmers’ reservation about this ingredient are only slowly diminishing and rapeseed meal use is gradually increasing. It may take a couple of years until these countries reach levels comparable to those of more traditional users. In Poland the Association of Feed Producers, the Federation of Cattle Breeders and Milk Producers, and the Association of Swine Breeders and Producers 'POLSUS " have announced a campaign to build awareness of the value of rapeseed meal and cake under the banner "Rapeseed meal - a valuable source of protein and energy”.

2010-11 Outlook in E.U.: The increased rapeseed meal production is largely absorbed by the animal feed sector. In total, EU-27 oilseeds meal use for feed, seed and waste will rise slightly in MY 2010/11. The increased use of oilseed meals is driven by the reduced availability of feed grains and a large supply and competitive prices for soybean meal from Brazil and Argentina. In addition, overall demand for feed is increasing because of recovering livestock and a stable poultry sector, as per a usda report.

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