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Full Fat Soya Flour

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Full Fat Soya Flour - (Enzyme Active)

The Full Fat Soya Flour (Enzyme Active), is made from clean, sound and healthy Non GMO Soya beans, by cracking, de hulling, toasting and grinding them. The coarser particles are separated by air classification to get a free flowing pale yellow powder of high quality.

Specifications of Full Fat Soya Flour – Enzyme Active

Parameters Specifications

Protein (N X 6.25)


Moisture 8%Max
Fat 18-20% Max
Ash 6.00%
Crude Fiber 2.50-3.50%Max>
Dietary Fiber 15.30%Max
Sand & Silica 0.30%Max
Urease Activity \Min at 30°C 2.00-2.20 Mgn/g
Particle Size (90% PassThrough) 60-80 Mesh
Total Carbohydrate 20-25 %
P.D.I. 80% Min
Calories 385
Microbial Analysis  
Total Plate Count / g 50,000
Coliforms / g 10 Max
E. Coli. /g Nil
Yeast & Moulds /g 100 Max
Salmonella / 25 g Absent


Enzyme-Active Full Fat Soybean Flour is prepared without heat treatment and has a high NSI value of around 80%. It is used in Bakery Products (white bread and rolls), mainly for its lipoxidase activity. Lipoxidase catalyses oxidative bleaching of carotenoid pigments, in wheat flour. Enzyme-Active Soybean Flour is a valuable natural agent for bleaching flour, especially where the use of chemical bleaching agents have been prohibited. Lipoxidase activity is also beneficial to mechanical properties of dough.

Our special production process retains the activity of the natural enzyme lipoxygenase, which is used as a bleaching agent in Bread. It bleaches wheat flour pigments to improve whiteness in Bread. When added into Flour Mixes and Baking Improvers, it helps in lightening the colour of the finished product. When used in Toast Rolls, Food Mixes, Nutrition Food and Baby Foods it Increases Protein Value, and Improves Mixing Tolerance. It also Extends Shelf Life, Oxidative Stability and acts as an emulsifier.


25 Kg Multi-Walled Paper Bags, 50 Kg HDPE bags with inner Liner of LDPE, 500 Kg Jumbo Bags, 1 MT (1000 Kg) Jumbo bags and Container Liner Bags.

Full Fat Soya Flour - (Enzyme In-Active)

Full Fat Soya Flour (Enzyme In-Active), is made from clean, sound, healthy Non GMO Soya beans by cracking, de hulling, toasting, grinding and dry extrusion. The coarser particles are separated by air classification to get a free flowing pale yellow powder of high quality.

Full Fat Soya Flour

Full Fat Soya Flour is manufactured using only Non GMO soya-bean seed. Before being processed the seeds go though a rigorous multiple stage cleaning process for remove of all foreign material. The graded seeds are then conditioned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. The flakes after highly efficient extraction are de-solventised to maintain required NSI and PDI levels. The desired consistency is obtained though vibro graders.


Physical Properties

Colour Light yellow
Odour Fresh, typical of the product
Taste Specific bean-like
Texture Homogeneous, free from extraneous matter
Particle Size 90% passing through 100 mesh

Typical Properties

Moisture 9 % max.
Fat 20 % max.
Protein 40 % min.
Ash (Mineral) 6 % max.
Crude Fiber 3.5 % max.
Metabolic Energy Value 450 K.Cal / 100 gms
PDI 20 % min>

Microbiological Properties

Total plate count 25,000/g max.
Yeast & Mould 200/g max.
E-coli Negative
Coliform 10/g max.
Salmonella Negative


Soya Flakes is available in 50 Kg net plastic and paper bags or Bulk in Jumbo Bags

Storage Conditions

Store in clean, dry infestation free conditions.Can be stored for 9 months at temperature below 25°C.

Product Applications

Soya Flour is a Full Fat Soya Flour of enzyme in-activity. The product has emulsifying and stabilizing properties. It is free from bitter substances and has a pleasant nut-like taste.

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