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Defatted Soya HiPro Flakes / Grits

CHARACTERISTICS SOYAPRO FFT-40-F is made from clean, sound, healthy soyabeans by the process of cracking, flaking, grinding & dry extrusion. The coarser free particles are separated by air classification to get a free flowing light yellow powder of high quality.

APPLICATION SOYAPRO FFT-40-F can be used in poultry, pig ruminant, aqua feed but the most common use is in poultry feed. Table given below details the usage and advantages.

NUTRITION SOYAPRO FFT-40-F is a high protein, high fat product rich in poly unsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols, lecithin, fibre, minerals & vitamins. It provides all essential amino acids. The special process of dry extrusion releases the oil from spherosomes in seeds and makes it available to animals or birds. Fat present in SOYAPRO FFT-40-F contains more than 50% poly unsaturated fatty acids which are easily converted into harmones, enzyme cells, and cell membranes. Vit-E meets the daily requirement & extends oxidative stability. Lecithin provides essential phospholipids like choline which is necessary for normal functioning of brain and nervous system. The balanced composition of proteins, fats, and minerals leads to better feed conversion ratio resulting in better weight gain in shorter time, lower mortality, improves fertility and immunity.

Analytical Data

  1. Total Ash | 6.5% Max | Is: 10038-1981
  2. S/Silica | 1% Max | Sp : 18(Part-Vi) 1982
  3. Fat | 1.2% Max | Is:10038-1981
  4. Crude Fibre | 5% Max | Is: 10038-1981
  5. Protein | 48% Min 50% Max | Is: 10038-1981
  6. Urease Activity | Max 0.2mgn/G/Min At 30°C | Sp :18(Part-Vi) 1982

Physicochemical Analysis

  1. Moisture | 10% Max | Is : 548(Part-I)1964


METHOD OF USE SOYAPRO FFT-40-F can be added dry to premix of feed which is either palletised or used as powder material for compound feed. PACKAGING AND STORAGE International






-Improves feed conversion ratio, faster growth, reduction in feed consumption.



-Improves feed conversion ratio, increased egg size, improvement in egg shell quality, and faster growth.



-Improved feed conversion ratio, and faster growth.



-Improves palatability of feed, improves nitrogen retention, increases milk yield, increases lactation length.



-Improves feed conversion, reduces cost, provides high contents of digestable protein of good quality.


SOYAPRO FFT-40-F is packed in 70 Kg HDPE poly laminated bags / Polylined Jute bags.
Store in cool dry & infestation free conditions. Domestic

SOYAPRO FFT-40-F is packed in 70 Kg. Polylined Jute bags. Store in cool dry & infestation free

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