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Protein Isolate HV

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Soya Pretein, Protein Isolete HV

Protein Isolete Hv

Soya protein is a complete high quality protein free from cholesterol and lactose. Soya protein is the protein ingredient of choice in a wide range of foods and supplements for infants, children and adults around the world because of its suitability to human physiological needs.

The protein content is appx.85 to 90% having good compatibility with many types of foods and is therefore more easily used as an ingredient in a variety of good-tasting food products and nutrition supplements. Procon 90 HV offers distinct and high functionality that enables excellent & high viscosity , high gelling and water binding property is various meat application

Specificfunctional properties

Isolates have specified functional proerties that enable them to modify the physical properties of food products. Soy Isolates are characterized by certain functional properties : Solubility, Gelation, Emulsification, Dispersibility, Viscosity, and retort stability.

Functionality is similar to meat and dairy protein. Functional / physical proprties involved are dispersibility, water absorption solubility, viscosity, emulsification and gelation.

Isolates have high water absorption values. It Possess both emulsifying and emulsion stabilizing properties, are excellent binders of fat and water, and are good adhesive agents. In meat products high viscosity procon-902 HV provides strong gel strength through exceptionally high water binding. It is widely used in meat industry due to its moisture and fat binding properties and emulsion stabilizers.

Soya protein Isolate aids on forming a gel which acts as a matrix for holding moisture, fat and solids. This results in textural Properties resembling those of meat proteins, which is especially important for use in comminuted meats.

Physicochemical Analysis

Analytical Data

  • Total Ash | 4.5% Max | Is: 10038-1981
  • Fat | 0.5% Max | Is:10038-1981
  • Crude Fibre | 1% Max | Is: 10038-1981
  • Protein | 85 - 90 % { On Dry Basis } | Is: 10038-1981
  • Pdi | Min. 85 | Aocs Ba 10 - 65

Gmo Content


  • Total Plate Count | Max.10,000 Cfu/Gm | SP:18(PART-1) 1980
  • COLIFORM | Max.10 Cfu/Gm | SP:18(PART-I)-1980
  • E.COLI | Absent/Cfu/Gm | SP:18(PART-I)-1980
  • 4 YEAST & MOULDS | Max.100 Cfu/Gm | SP:18(PART-I)-1980
  • SALMONELLA | Negative / 25gm | SP:18(PART-I)-1980


Widely used in various applications in meat, seafood, poultry and fish processing industry. Used in Variety of applications : viz :- As a substitute for replacement of meat protein, In preparation of meat analogs due to meat like texture, Meat patties, sausages, meat balls, Minced meat applications. Hamburgers etc. Pasted meat products, meat pieces, poultry products, prawns, Coarsely ground meat such as pizza toppings, beef patties and Mexican fillings etc. In emulsion type sausages, frankfurters and bologna, whole muscle meat cured meat industry. Fish sausage and surmise based restructured fish products


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