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Organic Maize

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Organic Maize, Maize Starch, starch, corn starch, cereal starch

Organic Maize

Diverse uses of starch make it a very versatile product. Maize or Corn Starch is a typical cereal starch with distinctly low protein and ash contents. Its carbohydrate content of high purity makes it of use in several industries.

Starch occurs in nature in many ways. Maize contains about 66% of starch which can be separated from other ingredients by various processes such as steeping, grinding, purifying and drying. The physico-chemical and functional properties of starch exhibit a wide variation with slight change in the production parameters. One of the important properties is of the viscosity of starch slurry. Normally, starch has near neutral PH. With an increase in the PH, viscosity of starch tends to show an increase, thus making it possible to have diverse uses. This is commonly known as High Viscosity Starch and is used in the textile industry for sizing.

Maize Starch Typical Specifications


Maize Starch


White Powder



PH(10%ag. slurry)


Particle size:no Retention at

85 mesh


10.0 to 12.0

Starch content on dry basis

98% Min

Total Ash on DB cold water

0.25% Max


0.4% Max

Viscosity(Redwood v iscometerNo1, 3% paste at 75 c} Viscosity by BFV at 20rpm,5%paste

36-45 sec

cooked at 75c for 30min

800-100 cps

Protein conent

0.6% Max

Customized specification can also be achieved

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